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 Cotton Burr Compost

Back to Nature REGULAR COTTON BURR COMPOST and ACIDIFIED COTTON BURR COMPOST are truly nature’s perfect soil conditioners.  We start with cotton burrs from short staple cotton grown on the High Plains of Texas.  Unlike cotton grown in other parts of the United States, short staple cotton must be stripper picked, a method that produces a large amount of cotton burrs through the ginning process.  The fleshy cotton burr is important because it is the primary repository of nutrients.  Cotton burrs contain a significant amount of NPK (nitrogen, phosphate, potassium), the three macronutrients required by plants, as

well as numerous micronutrients.  Cotton burrs have a carbon-nitrogen (C/N) ratio of 22:1, eliminating the nitrogen tie-up caused by using wood and wood-based soil amendments.

The USDA and EPA now require that all chemicals used on cotton be biodegradable within a two week period.  An additional safeguard with cotton grown on the Texas High Plains is that early freezes all but eliminate the need for chemical defoliation.  Lab tests show that the levels of all potentially harmful elements, chemicals, etc. in Back to Nature composts are well below the recommended EPA minimums and in some cases are less than amounts that occur in nature.  Back to Nature, Inc. is in voluntary compliance with the requirements of the United States Composting Council (USCC), thus our products carry the USCC ‘Seal of Testing Assurance’.

When properly composted, cotton burrs are a natural fertilizer with a protein content of approximately 35%.  This makes cotton burrs an excellent food source for the beneficial soil organisms that help make nutrients available to plants, aerate the soil, and help to combat harmful organisms and diseases.  The outstanding ability of COTTON BURR COMPOST to loosen tight, clay soils has long been common knowledge in the Southern United States.  COTTON BURR COMPOST also has excellent moisture retention characteristics and unlike peat moss, accepts and retains water easily.  REGULAR COTTON BURR COMPOST helps to neutralize soil pH.  If additional acidification is needed, however, our acidified products contain sulfur, the longest lasting of the elemental acidifiers.

Back to Nature COTTON BURR COMPOST is also economical to use with an effective soil life of up to two full growing seasons.  Back to Nature composts are produced through aerobic, windrow composting for over four months at temperatures approaching 160°F, ensuring the elimination of insects, weed seeds, chemicals, and pathogens.  They are then screened to the desired texture, packaged and stored inside for curing.  This assures you, the customer, a consistent, high quality product.

Back to Nature COTTON BURR COMPOST is available in three textures: Coarse in a 3 cu. ft. bag, medium in a 2 cu. ft. bag, and fine in a 1 cu. ft. bag.  Coarse and medium are available regular or acidified.



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