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 Regular Cotton Burr Compost

Incorporating COTTON BURR COMPOST into the soil, regardless of soil conditions, can quickly rejuvenate soils that are low in organic matter.  COTTON BURR COMPOST is an excellent soil amendment and mulch for your landscape and garden.

Our REGULAR COTTON BURR COMPOST is 100% organic, consisting of composted cotton burrs, a by-product of the ginning process.  Since 1982, our cotton burr compost has helped to revolutionize home landscapes, commercial landscapes and turf planting techniques in all of the areas where they were introduced.

Rich in protein, COTTON BURR COMPOST is the primary food source for beneficial soil organisms.  In nature, it is these organisms that provide aeration through their tunneling, convert nutrients to a form plants can use, maintain a balance between beneficial and harmful forces, improve moisture characteristics, and provide protection from temperature extremes.

COTTON BURR COMPOST is also a natural, organic fertilizer.  It is prized for its ability to break up tight, clay soils.  It improves moisture retention and fertility in sandy soils, and unlike wood and wood-based composts, will not tie up nutrients in the soil.

Back to Nature COTTON BURR COMPOST is free from weed seeds, insects, pathogens, and chemicals.



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